Learn more about Google Analytics

Learn more about Google Analytics

This article will take you through a basic understanding of Google Analytics. We will show you how to create an account on Google analytics, set up views and dashboard and get reports that will benefit your business performance during the year.

In marketing, we have the concept of a purchase funnel:

  •         Acquisition (building awareness and acquiring user interest)
  •         Behaviour (engagement)
  •         Conversion (sales)


This funnel describes customers’ interactions. Using digital analytics, you can track what online behaviours led to purchases and use that data to make the right decisions for your business. Google Analytics can analyze data from your online advertising campaigns to see which are most effective and expand those marketing efforts.

Most people already know that Google Analytics can collect data from a website, but it can also collect behaviour data from a variety of systems such as mobile applications, online sales systems, video game consoles, CRM systems and other online platforms. This data is transformed in a report, which you can use to perform in-depth analysis to better understand your customers.

How to start:





You need to add a small piece of Javascripts tracking code to each page on your site.
This will give you the analysis of how your users interact with all your website pages

Google Analytics structure



You can have multiple accounts, especially if you are an agency. Inside Organization, you have an Account, Property and View. This allows you to collect data from your other websites, apps or digital assets associated with your business.


Goals are a valuable way to track conversions or business objectives from your website.


You can give different permissions to people to manage your Google Analytics account.


You can see that when you first create a property, Analytics automatically sets up an unfiltered view called “All Web Site Data.” This contains all of the raw, unchanged data you collected for the property. You can set up different views to provide you specific reports you want for your business.


You still need to add filters to determine what data you want Analytics to display in each view. Analytics offers two kinds of filters, “Predefined” and “Custom” Filters. If you have two filters, the data will pass through the first filter before passing through the second. So be mindful of the order in which you apply your filters.

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